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#277512 - I walked in and she was sitting on the bed drying her hair with a towel, she looked to see who it was and smiled, “I need some new bras” I blurted out, “can I get some before I start my new school please?” I asked nervously, “of course you can honey” she replied “i will take you shopping next week to get you all your new uniform, and new underware, social services provide us with extra money for clothing, so you don’t have to worry” she explained, “we can get you measured up properly for new bras, so they will fit properly” “thanx Renie” I said as I left the room. “Renie come up here” a voice shouted from upstairs, she came out of the room, “come on Wendy, come and meet Debbie” and grabbed my arm and led me up the stairs, we walked into a really big pink bedroom, Debbie was standing at the bottom of a massive bed, bigger than a double, she was only wearing a silky dressing gown, open at the front, I could clearly see her tits, and her hairless pussy, she kissed Renie on the cheek, a

Read Filipina 米格鲁实在是太可爱了啊! - Arknights Fuck 米格鲁实在是太可爱了啊!

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Just want to say you are absolutely beautiful
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