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#25193 - WHAT THE FUCK JAMES!! She says as she tries to cover her bras and panties quickly with a towel sorry mom I was wondering if you can tell me what this is on my phone She extents her left arm out while holding up the towel with her right arm let me see I walk up to her and bring the one of the pictures I took to her eyes. As we close the door behind us it was my aunt and stepmom closing the front door behind them hello kids they both said as they turn around and saw us hi we both answer back Every time I looked at my aunt and stepmom it was easy for me to see where clarice got her looks from as she looked just like her mom except for her mom having bigger breast and having a tanner body. where are you going clarice I ask where does it look like I'm going, I'm going to the gym Oh well have fun well I see you had fun since your tent is down she answered and smiled well see you later James she said as she walked out the door Bye I

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