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#21003 - As I leave my sons room I turn the corner to see my beautiful wife with her hands down her underwear playing with herself in the hallway she looks at me that was one hot story I felt like I was sent back in time, yeah that was one hot night, yes it was, hay hunny were you serious about getting him a chamber maid, yeah I have one in mind why whats wrong, oh nothing but I was thinking just in case u were thinking about it that Vanessa might be a good pick for his maid, thats funny you should bring her up because I was thinking the same thing they are around the same age but he needs to know the rules and so does she and besides she has the second biggest tits next to yours of course as she laughs at me well go get her and bring her into our room, ooo I will be back your majesty. Vanessa laughs, but to be fair we weren't hiding anything it was his idea, so true now lets get ready for breakfast. Vanessa was looking scared, its ok Vanessa you are not here for us I tell her as her look goe

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