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#119814 - We were invited to a party, the girls were too, when we got there everyone thought we were couples, so the boys stayed away from Debora and Felicity, and the other girls stayed away from Tony and me. Finishing the mowing I returned to the compound, the head was in his office, I went to see what he wanted me to do next, “I want to thank you for looking after Becky, her parents are important people and are investing money in the club” I thought if they knew what I had done, they wouldn’t invest a penny and I would be up in front of the judge in a flash. I woke in the morning with Felicity cuddled up in my arms; I lay there looking at her wondering what she was dreaming about, just then Heather came in to wake us, seeing the girls with us she just smiled and closed the door, about twenty minutes later Felicity started waking up, “Andy, I didn’t mean what I said last night about catching up.

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