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#232775 - Both of us recognized each other but it was an awkward kinda moment , but I just broke the ice and was just normally talking to him as if nothing happened I introduced myself and he too introduced himself and his dog , he is Alex and he was 17 years old , bit chubby but cute had a good height for his age with a little spiky hair and his dog was Rambo. Lisa and me were sitting on the dining and was chatting good while one of the waiters approached us asking for the order, the waiter was quite a cutie and we just ordered beer and french-fries. I liked the way he was seeing me and having a hard on, s I decided to tease him for the last time and so this happened, I called Alex to the kitchen and by then I filled 2 glasses of water , I had a small see through wall for the kitchen and the hall, so when I called him he said yes am coming and I was there right next to the door so that when he enters both of us hit each other and the water falls on my t shirt, well the plan was great and d

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