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#102994 - Gingerly she peeked out of the doorway that led to the pool and veranda, feeling a bit conspicuous to walking around a strange new setting in the nude!!! She was just about to make her move when a voice from behind startled her! Hi, my name's Audra, what's yours!?! Gwen spun around only to be standing face to face with another naked young women!!! Uh, I'm Gwen, it's my first day, she stammered, trying hard not to stare at the hairy pussy that grew wildly from the young blonde's cunt! Audra had a fresh wholesome look about her, and she quickly took Gwen by the arm and ordered, Follow me, I'll show you around and go over the ropes with you! Just happy that she didn't have to make a solo entrance, Gwen gladly let Audra lead her out to the pool area, and as they approached it, Audra announced loudly, We have a new girl with us today, her name's Gwen, so let's make her feel welcome!!! The seven or eight other naked girls who were lounging

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