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#378371 - Shortly she stands up behind him using one hand to stroke him while the other soaps down his chest and legs once finished she move round in front and slide him inside her, she leans to his ear holding him inside and tells him not to move, with his hardness filling her she proceeds to wash his back and hair, once the washing is complete she wraps her leg around his waist again and while holding him deep inside her has him carry her back to the bedroom once there she has him lie on the bed, now with her body straddling him he begins to move her hips driving faster and faster she sees he’s ready and tells him to let go, yet he doesn’t he hold on while her desperate movement begin to fuel a final explosion of pleasure, deep down she promises that this man… no her man would have the one thing she had never give any other, this man that she had given her body to unlike any of the other would also be given her soul. He slides his mouth over hers drinking deeply of the most wonderful flavour

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