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#171842 - I think we had better start as we intend to continue, Adele informed Katherine who at five feet and eight inches tall towered over Adele, You must call me Madam, not Aunt, and answer to the housekeeper Mrs Robbins. The Harding household was modest by some standards but stood on the edge of Martlesham in it's own grounds, Mrs Beckett the housekeeper cast a disapproving eye over Katherine,What's this a maid or a whore? she snarled. Katherine slipped the heavy bolt across and thankfully stripped off her travelling attire, the long flowing blue dress, the painfully tightly laced corset and the voluminous silk bloomers and petticoats, and took up the smock, it felt deliciously coarse against her nipples but seeing her cases had already been placed in the room she lost no time in seeking out her set of ivory Tusks that Miss Edwards insisted all her girls use regularly and she lay on the bed and pleasured herself for a few moments.

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