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#62164 - Sheena, Shona and I have been together now been together for ten years and five years respectively, I am 60 as is Sheena and Shona is 30 we are all very happy, me 'cos Sheena and Shona are extremely hairy ie; Nipples, Tits, Pits, Belly (treasure trail), Pussy, Arse, Thighs, Legs, Calfs, Ankles & Toes and Sheena and Shona are happy 'cos they have me to look after them and as a result they don't have the bother of shaving or wearing underwear any more. .

Read Homemade Lolikko LOVE 3 - Akazukin cha cha Dance Lolikko LOVE 3

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This guy can have me however he wants whenever he wants on sight i want to be his sexy chocolate black king yyeesssss
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Damn girl u so gorgeous u make me cum all the time
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Has she got special needs