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#252231 - Now totally exasperated Carla ordered, Just look at your panties, a girl your size needs decent sized undies, but instead of a pair of useful panties, you're wearing a tiny pair of bikinis that barely cover your fat pussy let alone your big ass and thighs, it's a disgrace! And to make matters even worse your pubic hair is clearly visible around your leg openings! Tears began to fill Britt's eyes as the evil mouthed teacher berated her, but when Mz. Collins!?! I dunno, Kimmy replied, but if I were you I'd get my ass in there pronto, you know how she hates having to ask for something twice!!! That was for sure, the forty something gym teacher had a hair trigger that didn't take a lot to set it off, so after grabbing her books and tossing her wet towel into the hamper, she made an audible gulping sound and headed off to Mz.

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