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#192613 - On the way back to Lukas’s house he realized he locked his house key’s in the house, so we went to my house till his mum or dad got home and it was about 12:30pm and they don’t get home till 6:00 pm, so we were at my place for a bit then Lukas remembered that he had to meet another mate at burger king so he walked there by him self because Ashlee was tired from the trip over here, or so he thought. When we go there we found out what gate she would arrive from (keep in mine I have never met her before that day). I saw my mobile phone on the floor next to my jeans so i told her to stay like that for a minute and i got my mobile phone and i took a picture of her bent over with cum dripping out of her pussy (that picture is still on my phone),and now I’ve got cum on my fucking brand new couch oh well i don’t care any more.

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