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#241319 - I pulled and tweaked her nipples making her twist at her bindings and fuck the air, she was close and starting to sweat and curse us, we almost had her. The next morning I was awaked to having my morning wood being sucked it was so sensitive I shot off in her mouth instantly, rolling over on my belly I offered her my brown and said, do me baby, please fuck me, she wasted no time and was buried in me balls deep and pounding me harder than she had ever done, which made me come and her at the same time filling me and overflowing my brown and down my balls and cock to mix with my load on the sheets, she pumped me a few more times and whispered in my ear, darling lick up our mess and share it with me. Jill and I started kissing her down each side and before we got far she was moaning and squirming on the bed, her cock was swollen really big and throbbing but we didn’t touch it.

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