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#198591 - this is my story it is true it all started when iwas 3 year old but before i begin i want to tell you about our family my dad is one of 10 and mum 1 of 2 i am 1 of 8 i am the 2nd youngers well this is how it started i was about 3 and i was lying in bed when my elder brother come in and pull the blanket back he ask me if i seen a sauage before i said no only the ones mum has well he said mine is a lot beter he pull his pants down and show me it was big and had a thing on top he said do you want to touch it i was getting scard and he said it ok it will not hurt you and took my hand it felt funny it got even biger when i did this after a while he said put it in your mouth i said yuck but he said it taste nice so i put it in a little bit now suck it like a looy pop then all of a sudden stuff come out and went in my mouth it tasted salty but nice he then put his finger in my pants and started to rub my wee wee it felt nice after a while he got on top of me and put his sauage in

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Meme touwa
Yuu inagawa
Lucrezia noin
I thought she was perfect before the implants but she got them done in nice natural look she is just sexy as fuck its easy to fall in lovia with her
Aina ardebit
I like her feet