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#322115 - But she again asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I really didn’t know, I mean here at almost 14 I was seeing her nude, touching her whenever I wanted and now getting all the blow jobs I wanted, what more could a teenager want. Grandpa looks at mom and nods her over, she knells down beside him and he whispers something into her ear, she nods saying just one minute and she looks at grams, nods towards the door and she takes my sister outside while she sucks him off. He said well when a youngman becomes a man the mother of that youngman takes his mother and they make love together to bring him into manhood, your mother is going to do that tonight and you and her will share your bed tonight and you can make love to her as much as you want and she’ll never say no.

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Ryuuka shimizudani
Would love to see a creampie running down your leg please x