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#33924 - Another lick from the top of my clitoris, along the wet folds of my cunt…a pause and pressing…and then in between my butt cheeks pausing for the taste of my ass…he was a dirty dog and curious and loved fucking his little girl. I knew my time with a goat might not happen again…I didn’t know anyone who owned goats and, even if I did, what would I say: “Excuse me but can I borrow your male goat?” I didn’t think that was going to happen anytime soon or anytime at all…I would luxuriate with my memories and the hot, frantic thrustings of goat cock into little girl cunt and the groans and squeals we shared in those few moments…when the goat came in me I felt hot bursts of come and I felt heated up because the ejaculant was very hot. I positioned myself…positioned that hot cock…I needed cock just then…even a goat’s cock and wondered…would nature take over…could this be done.

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Okay now my flaps are fully engorged this is the sexiest pronebone i have ever seen 100
I love how big that ass is