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#139413 - what the hell was I doing? My Daddy walked to his jacket and pulled out a tube of lube and his condoms, I stayed bent over, my heart thumping, my face on fire. Get up on the bed with your ass in the air, my Daddy said, I quickly crawled and obliged him; I got a little scared, was he just going to pound my ass? I suddenly heard a click and turned around, he was taking phone pics of me, what the hell? Daddy, that's very naughty! He quickly got up on top of me and pressed me down, I own you remember? Daddy gets what he wants. Once we broke up I moved to a hotel (Extended Stay) for about 2 months while I got my life together.

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Nanami yasuri
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Makoto nanaya
I know how exactly the feeling of that guy as i did this with someone very special to me