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#277225 - I hear you grunt a command, a simple here, in my darkness tied to the table I have no idea what you mean, i feel the hard rubber cock leave my grasp, quickly replaced by another more real one, I'm suddenly aware of something rubbing at my check and pressing towards my mouth, you force yourself into my mouth hard one last time before pulling out entirely, the moan of dissapointment from me is cut off by a huge rubber cock being forced into my mouth, I hear the slap of a hand against flesh but am aware of no pain instead I do feel the hard unyielding cock forced deep into my throat, I gagg and choke as I gasp for air, I hear a command from you low and firm, enough, take it off I can suddenly breath again as the rubber cock withdraws entirely from my mouth leaving me gasping and gulping in air. You are sat in a chair by my head, I can smell you there and it both excites and relaxes me. I know it's you I can tastes it's you, I can smell it's you as you begin t

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