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#24492 - Kris, who had since gotten dressed and moved to the front seat, urged him on with, Suck her cunt, suck her off!! Just hearing her friend using dirty language caused April's cunt to contract in a long shattering orgasm that even amazed Mike at how long the female cop jerked and bucked her hips against his mouth until she had finally had enough as she pushed his face away from her now drenched snatch and commented contentedly, Good boy, she cooed, you know just how to suck a hot little cunt!!! This time it was Kris who broke the spell by saying, Okay Mike, grab your clothes and out of the car! The tone of her voice told him it was better not to argue with her, so he scooped up his things and hopped buck naked into the evening air. Mike knew the instant he did it he was in trouble! Dammit, he cursed out loud, stupid stop sign! The spinning blue light on the police squad car told him instantly that he had just committed his third moving violation in the past twelve mon

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