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#23389 - What do you think?” Holly’s tears fell as the fingers pinched her nipple roughly between them,” I think they will definitely like the show I plan on putting on for them now!” the fingers released her nipple and she screamed behind the gag,” UUUMMMPPPUUUNNNGGGHH!!!OOOOPPPP!!!!!”, the slap to her face left her crying as the voices carried on as if she were not even there,” From what I gather she’s still a virgen. She absolutely loved the way that Carries sister had been bound, the view was spectacular as the younger girls freshly shaven pussy was stretched by the tip of the rubber cock as it slowly pushed in, her bubbled ass cheeks trembled and bucked, but were held in place by the heavy leather straps running tightly around them and secured to the sides of the pommel. Holly felt the hot breath against her cheek and what could only be described as an absolute depraved voice whisper into her ear,” I’m gonna love watching you be played with my new little toy…” it was shortly followed by

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