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#133180 - Part 4 coming soon x. As I went through the door she came with me and pointed to some lockers and said if I wanted to be naked it was fine as some of the men would be, I asked if there was anyone else here and she replied about 30 men so enjoy, as she walked off she said she would put on 2 special dvds for me on number 39 and 40 and that if I was still here she would come join me at 6. As we got to the rear of the shop I asked about the 50 dvds that were on display in a glass cabinet although I already knew why they were there, she explained without any embarrassment that the kino area was on 3 floors, the basement had individual cabins with a tv and chair in each and then she added that most in the rear also had holes for giving bjs, I pretended to be embarrassed and she just laughed, the middle floor had 4 group seats, 2 for about 20 people and 2 for about 6 people to stand which were kept dark.

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