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#121166 - 'Well hell', I though, 'if I’m going to jail, might as well enjoy this last piece of young pussy' Linda spoke up “ Amy you little slut how long have you been here” “Since about eight this morning, augggg it’s so fucking good” “Damn girl are you trying to kill him?” “Nnno just fuck himmm aaaagg” Linda began undressing “ Bill this is Susie, Susie this is Bill” “Hi Susie howww are youu?” “ I’m ok should I get undressed too?” “Linda said quickly as she pulled her skirt off. As I fucked her, her hormones took over and bucked her hips back into me driving her onto my hard cock “Ohhh Bill Fuck Me FUCK ME BABY Give my that dick fuck my cunt fuck meeeee” She groaned “ Harder Harder fuck me” Her young 13-year-old body slowly began to tremble and shake as I hammered her hot little cunt with my enlarged love pole driving both of us to our mutual orgasms. I couldn’t see Susie or anything in fact except Linda’s cunt, which I attacked with the lips a

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