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#45810 - Her mind was reeling, here she was on a public beach allowing a total stranger to take her sexually like no other man ever had in her life! All at once he picked up the pace of his thrusting, now hammering away at her helpless pussy with machine like efficiency, driving her like a wild animal to the brink of her climax! It didn't seem possible, but his penis seemed to get even harder as his own climax approached, and while looking directly into her eyes he said, Mademoiselle, you are so beautiful, I had to pick you like a flower and hold you! Just hearing his speak in such flowery language was all it took, and both of them held on for dear life as their orgasms ripped through their bodies, leaving them lying together in a post orgasmic glow!!! Intertwined, basking in the sun, Claude kissed her neck and said, I shall always remember you, Amber, as one of the best moments in my life! She kissed him back and replied, Me too, Claude, me too! THE END. He wasn't the

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