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#208297 - He opens a portal to the pocket dimension and all three enter, once in the pocket dimension Rikimarue opens a portal and summons Ou - Chan, Ayame watches as the monster that brutally raped her for four days straight steps through the portal. Rikimarue watches Ayame shave her legs and then take a shower and once she done he brings her to the kitchen where she eats a sandwich and drinks a bottle of water, Rikimarue says You have pleased both Merik and I so much, I have a surprise for you , Ayame smiles and says Thank you master what's the surprise? , Rikimarue says You'll see soon . The dog demon stands on its back legs and places it front legs on Ayames shoulders and starts pumping his hips forcing Ayame to deep throat him, she gags on his huge cock and knot but keeps sucking.

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Mizuki takase
I can totally tell that you two are into to rave
What ever happened to her so hot real name is danielle cromb