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#307384 - By the time me any Amy finished up it was time to head out i wasn't gonna be able to see her for 2 weeks due to school holidays so i hugged her goodbye and wished her a happy holiday. The next time we met we were all over each other making out and cuddling in bed i managed to get a feel of her boobs and got her to handle my dick i knew we could've gone further but her friend was with us and annoying us although she did try and get Tiffany to suck my dick this was Tiffany's first time sucking dick and my first time getting my dick sucked the feeling of her mouth was like sticking my cock in a wet rag it only lasted seconds but it was a start the sad thing is i didint get to cum. Tiffany and i started meeting up on our own and progressed further each time from cuddles to cuddling in bed until finally i get kissed by her even tho she was super shy but i knew this would have booster her confidence.

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Saionji mary
She is so beautiful it makes me sad that i dont have a pretty girl like that
Perrine paindavoine
Loved the way your soft boobs moved in unison with you fingering your pussy
Kanna kuroda
Asian women are so sexy