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#100911 - The room was quiet, it was empty except for a chair that looked like a throne all the way at the other end and perfectly symmetrical. Wow! I look into the darkness searching for two people in my room, but the darkness was overwhelming, I couldn’t see anything except my illuminated clock. I start to nod off then I hear a noise that sounds like a thud on the hard wood floor, then a voice, deep and smooth, that sounds like it should belong to an older man, then another voice, it was a woman’s voice that said “That’s her, the one we have been looking for, wake her”, they don’t turn on the lights, I try to scream, but something tells me not to.

Read Negro Kokan ni Kinoko! - Dragons crown Gay Smoking Kokan ni Kinoko!

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Raiya kaeruzaka
Were are you based
Wow you guys are so fucking hot every moment was amazing and the way her tits bounced the whole time was incredible
These breasts are making me crazy 3