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#328146 - As he slid into the bed, she reached out and caressed the back of his neck and slid her other hand down his back, gently pulling his shirt over his head as he untied her gown and slipped it from her body and wiggled out of his pants, now both of them totally naked he sighed and buried his face between her breasts inhaling her intoxicating scent. Fantasy As Sara slipped into her the tub of hot scented water, her mind was filled with thoughts of what the night might bring and her lover who was to be there within the hour. Sighing she snuggled closer to his body running her hands with her long red nails down his flat stomach to his pubic hair and gently swirled her fingers thru it as she slid her body lower, letting her long soft hair trail down his chest to his hard throbbing cock and she wrapped her hair around it like silk and gently licked the tip and ran her tongue around the fat mushroom head, ummmm.

Read Home [Mafuyu HEMP] Onee-chan o Korashime-tai | 惩罚姐姐小分队! (COMIC X-EROS #86) [Chinese] [暴碧汉化组] [Digital] Short Oneetai | 惩罚姐姐小分队!

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