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#323792 - As I hold you, I feel your hands pull up on my shirt; I lift my arms as you pull it off the rest of the way, I feel the night air against my chest, I reach behind you as I undo the back of your dress pulling it forward off your arms so that, your beautiful breast can fall free. After we order, I ask if there was anything you wanted to do anything special this weekend, you say you would like to go to a movie or a concert, or maybe even a party, I tell you we can probably do that and then some but you never know what can happen in three days. Now I pick up the bill as we are on our way out the door, our dining experience had been excellent and I would give it a five star rating, for food, service and atmosphere, as well as five stars for the before dinner appetizers and extra desserts not listed on the menu and you were very delicious mmmmmmmmm! After the day we had I suggested we go for a ride and relax a little you agree, so we took about an hour drive holding each other

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Tsukino mito
Definitely number 6 for me unbelievably sexy seeing someone wanting to please their partner like that
Sailor mercury
That is the fucking hottest thing ever i would give anything to be in his place anything