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#48422 - You're our servant Jackie, just because the nurse is operating on you doesn't mean you can't continue your work. I also knew she had a long tattoo down the length of her arm, and Jenny told me another large one on her back, but for the moment these were hidden as she had dressed in her old school uniform, her bust straining at the barely-fitting white blouse with green and yellow tie, and the top of her thighs that were not covered by the white elasticised stockings she was wearing, and in fact her white knickers, were not entirely covered by the short green and yellow tartan skirt. She took her nurse's top off, so she was also just in shoes, stockings and suspender belt, bra and headpiece like me, and positioned herself behind Chandice with the tube of lubricant, squeezing some between the black girl's buttocks, rubbing it in with her fingers.

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