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#77581 - Ya know how much I love Holden, and I wouldn't do anything in the world to hurt him, she continued, but I gotta tell ya, Sal, that for the past three weeks I've been having an affair! Sally sat stunned, hardly able to speak, because Miranda was the last person on earth that she thought would stray! Finally collecting her thoughts, Sally replied, Who, why, do I know him?!? Miranda shook her head and answered, No, you don't know him, and as for the why, well, how should I say this, well Holden is, uh, well, Holden isn't what you'd call good in the sack!!! Really, Sally asked in a surprised voice?!? No, he isn't, retorted Miranda, in fact I have trouble getting excited at all when we do it! Is it his technique, asked Sally, or what? He tries hard, Miranda went on, but he just doesn't have it where it counts, if you know what I mean?!? Oh, that, Sally nodded knowingl?y, so he's not exactly John Holmes I take it? Hardly, S

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