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#78584 - Sabrina was on her way to band camp, a slow sigh passing through her lips as she spread her legs slightly crossing them over as her button up top lost the button that covered her cleavage, she blushed a little before starting to hold the top shut as if she were nervous about her experience at band camp when really she didn't want anyone to look at her firm breasts. Making her walls stretch around his cock to accommodate the forcing into her pussy, the young man had no signs of releasing yet other than his cock swelling inside of her, Sabrina couldn't escape his grasp either. Large enough to make some of the cum run down her thigh from her tight warm entrance, when he finally released her leg from his shoulder, Sabrina laid limp on the ground with her knees pressed together and her breathing heavy, the muscular young man sat down next to her before rubbing her arm slowly, “I'm sorry I forgot it was your second time, didn't mean to be so rough.

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