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#137638 - Using his supernatural strength he easily forces Ayame into doggy style position and Merik ties her hands to the bed posts with dark energy, Rikimarue uses the dark energy that now flows through his body to open a portal to a dark dimension. Holding her waist with his left hand he has her bent over, her feet are dangling off the ground as he brutally rapes her pussy, he rapes her so hard and fast before cuming deep into her pussy. Merik says He has infinte stamina, he'll never stop but there is something I want to tell you, I heard that when Ou - Chan had Asagi in the Chaos arena he told Oboro that he wanted to keep Asagi form himself but Oboro had other plans for Asagi, I on the other hand plan on letting Ou - Chan keep you for a while .

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Sorry for the quetion the tall girl is ur sister u look similar to her