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#56420 - “ fuck, I'm going to cum Megan!”, he cried out I was still in the afterglow of my own high when I heard his announcement, followed by a powerful spurt of, hot liquid shooting deep into my teen cunt, I was on the pill but I still didn’t want the small risked of getting pregnant. He had a stronger flavor than most men I've experienced, saltier than sweet but I still found the taste thrilling as the steady stream of precum continued to flow down his thick, shaft onto my waiting tongue. When the stream slowed down I started to lick my way up, tracing the trail it left, replacing it with my own wet saliva, purring my delight as I reached his huge, mushroom head and licked around it for any more traces of his salty clear, liquid.

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Matoi giboshi
Ugly as all get out
Minako aino
Nice skills
Barbara pegg
Oh yeah baby so hot