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#60454 - After that the pain started to go and he slid his cock in and out till all of it was inside of my pussy, and his balls were against my pussy lips he stopped a moment with it deep in me Sue asked if I was OK I could barely talk but managed to say yes then Bob started sliding his cock in and out of me getting faster and faster, I could feel myself coming to another orgasm which then very quickly came I nearly collapsed but Bob kept hold of me so I didn't fall on top of Sue who was still on the floor underneath me, my whole body was trembling still with that big cock inside me stretching my pussy so much he kept on pumping me then I felt his cock throbbing in me as he cum squirting his sperm in my pussy. I spoke again to my mum and asked if it was alright for me to sleepover she said no to start with but with a bit of pleading she said yes. I could not go home and explain it to my mum so I had no choice I had to get it washed too so with a deep breathe I stood up and took it off, t

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