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#64250 - What was going to happen now, she was still tied and helpless and naked and even worse she couldn't even speak, she wasn't sure anyone would believe her now if she did manage to say anything, to Katie and her boss she was just another meat girl and without Emily to back her up Tracey knew they wouldn't just let her go, she was worth money to them! With her heart beating rapidly Tracey saw Katie approaching her and as she stopped a foot or so away she saw Katie smile and say, “ I must admit I wouldn't mind having a taste of these myself. “Good girl” she heard Katie say as she stood up and moved onto the next girl in the line and before long all five girls were hanging there with the tubes down their throats. She was soon standing beside the other two girls again as Katie left them there to collect the last two and when all five were back in the room she heard Katie shout out to a man some distance away, “Hey Jack I haven't closed down for a while,

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