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#314266 - Just as we got to the front of Anna’s house I warned the girls im gonna blow again I watched Emma hop into the front seat and take my cock in her mouth and slowly sucked around the head till a few shots of cum filled her mouth she kept the cum in her mouth and went back to her best friend and beckoned her to kiss her pushing my cum into her mouth in one quick open mouth kiss I watched Anna swallow it with a smile before leaving us saying she will definitely wanna do this again. After demounting my daughter Anna soon swapped positions with Emma and spready Emma’s legs massaging her inner thighs telling her to breath and empty herself. A few times a friend would walk in and my daughter would be bent over while im pounding her from behind one girl almost found us out as she was riding my cock on the toilet in the bathroom her friend kept knocking on the door so I had to get up and have her lifted up to my chest with my cock still inside her fucking her while Emma popped her head over

Read Doublepenetration Mootto! Ganbare Shounen-tachi! Phat Ass Mootto! Ganbare Shounen-tachi!

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Touta konoe
Such a good series love the juxtaposition between talking to the women and treating them like an actual human being and fucking them like a whore the kissing was a nice touch diana was very cute so nice to have more personality driven porn out there
Yozora kasumi
You are a goddess i fap to you 5 times a day