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#285269 - Slowly she entered one of her fingers into my tight hole, i gasped and was very shocked to what was happening, and started to turn around, she stopped halfway thru saying “dont worry honey, i gotta fully clean you” i just turned around, and accepted now her second finger enter inside me, but after a few minutes she stopped and turned me around, and then scooted in front of and placed herself against the wall, and said “now big boy its your turn to do the same to me” so i get on my knees and start running my fingers along her asshole, her moaning started to pick up, so i put one finger into her tight asshole. Both of our breathing started to pick up, as i reached around and grabbed her breasts and started licking and kissing her neck, we did this for quite a while, then she stopped and turned around and then turned me around, she then grabbed a small towel and got it wet and started to clean my asshole, i was very confused at what she was doing, but didn't care cause it cause

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