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#139155 - The plumber eventually arrived and fixed the tap, but the girl couldn't pay for the services, that's when I realised, this is porn, I'm watching porn! I kept watching the screen, and even got wet, as it turned out, Matt was getting hard, I could feel him get hard under my legs, so I moved them around, so he could get harder between my legs, as a result of that, he started feeling up my inner thighs which only drove me wilder, my slit was soaked and he didn't even touch it! I grabbed his hand and shoved it right on my slit, he started rubbing and manipulating my lips with his fingers, I started to breathe heavily, he obviously sensed this and picked up the pace. At about midday, I knocked on his door and asked “Hey bro, want a sandwich?” “Sure, whatever you're having sis” as I close his door, I couldn't help but notice the tent in his boxers, for some reason, I got wet thinking about it as I walked back to the kitchen, and started to rub myself as I walked

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