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#249412 - After a very long kiss we both came up for air, and Kim said, “This feels amazing with you hard cock between my bum cheeks, do you think you can carry me to your bed like this?” Being very fit from regular workouts in my gym, plus the fact that Kim was so petite, I replied, “Of course I can, it will be a pleasure and proceeded to walk towards the stairs, as I walked Kim kept letting out small moans as with each couple of steps the backward and forward motion of her pussy on my cock length was causing her pussy to drip her love juice all over my cock. I then run my tongue up the full length of her slit until I reached her clit, which by now, from all the attention she was receiving, had emerged from its hooded cover. Very soon both her fingers were pumping in unison with mine, and what with our mutual oral stimulations, I knew that we would soon be reaching our orgasms, and I was determined to bring her off first so that whilst she was in the throes of her climax I could fill her mo

Read Family Sex [Kagemusya] Arima-kun to 40-nin no Classmate - Original Titty Fuck Arimanin no Classmate

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