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#215765 - It happened only a few days ago I was driving home after a very long few days away on a course it was late about 1130pm and I was tired so I pulled into a lay-by to get a bit of rest, the lay-by was deserted and it was quite hot so I pulled up turned my lights off and rolled the window down, after I had a cigarette I pushed my seat back and reclined it and was asleep in minutes few. That’s it for now hope you liked it might be more to come if I have things my way …. I awoke to a noise not sure what it was I sat up and noticed quite a few cars had pulled in and to my surprise there where quite a lot of people walking about in the dark, this spiked my curiosity and I lit another cigarette and looked around as my eyesight accustomed itself to the dark I noticed what was going on and was a little shocked to say the least, there was a man sat at a picnic table with his flies undone with his cock out openly wanking himself off whilst these other men walked by, one of the men walked up to

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