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#243304 - He was still glued to her tits, she started to touch him and slid her hand down his shorts, the camera man was on them the whole time, she started to play with him, “let me see, let me see” she said as she separated him from her chest , she pulled down her sons shorts and standing to attention came his small cock, well it wasn’t that small, I just wasn’t used to comparing dick sizes, at once she got on her knees and wrapped her lips around it, sucking him at one Kathy squeezed my hand and whispered to me “she’s doing it, she’s giving her son a blow job” Only it wasn’t a blow job any more, that kid was fucking his mothers mouth, she had one hand on his ass and the other on his cock guiding it to her , he was holding her head and humping , her long silky black hair was a mess, she would hold his cock with her hand and then put it back in her mouth. We got back to my sisters place, I said my goodbyes and drove home in my shitty car, with 10,000$ to pay some bills. Mean while mom was

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Not a bad hentai