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#342917 - but first this is who I am and who almost everyone is(ok me first my name is dante(don-tay is how u say it)im 18 years old and I have a mother (angie) that is 35 long brown hair, brown eyes, slim hour glass figure with the boobs just right to hold in your hand and my father (damen) is 37 he is dead. My day starts off with a loud ring which I can only guess is my “down with the sickness” alarm I groan roll over and try to cut it off but instead knock it in the floor so I reach down to pick it up and fall of the bed with a loud thump I start laughing at my own stupidity and cut off my alarm then I stand up stretch and yawn and unravel myself from my blanket only to fall once again after I unravel very carefully I pick up my cover and throw it on my bed right after my sister alyssa (she will always make a perverted joke)comes in and asks “what was that loud thud it better not be u jacking off in here” “ha ha no I fell off my bed and fell in the floor why do u care slut I know I

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Senzou tachibana
Esperare muy ansiosa
You are here for a reason everything will get better no matter how bad it may seem i promise that one day you will be happy and you will be content with your life smile every single day when you wake up in the morning until you go back to bed you are worth it you are amazing i assure you that everything is going to be okay
Thank you