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#315927 - Rocky had lifted one leg up on Hannah’s Rump exposing their joining so Carrie was staring at her daughter’s pussy and didn’t notice my face as I finished emptying my balls in Hannah’s mouth. It was a quiet and subdued drive back but when we arrived home and opened the front door we heard a lot of commotion and Hannah screaming in pain yelling “NO NO IT HURTS, STOP PLEASE STOP, BEN HELP ME”, I had noticed Ben’s car was not in the driveway so thought the worst and went running up the hall fling the partly open bedroom door wide to find Hannah tied to the corner of the bed on her stomach and Rocky our dog on her back. Hannah’s head was in my crotch, she was mouthing my bare inner thigh and my growing erection was heading down my leg towards her face and I couldn’t move to avoid it.

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