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#358174 - I pull down her shorts and panties at the same time go reveal a surprising shaved pussy, slightly wet from the foreplay, they were still around her ankles when she started kicking furiously, after getting them off I put all my weight onto one of her legs and grabbed the other, after lining myself up to her cunt I started rubbing up against her, hearing her screaming just made me harder, before putting it in I slapped her again to shut her up, grabbing her face I moved mine till we were looking eye to eye, I kissed her quickly then looked deep into her eyes, I see her tears and I say “don’t worry” a second passes, then she smiles, she looks happy for a second, then I put it in. I took a handful and put them into the pockets of the pyjama bottoms I'd put on and went downstairs. My sister, Jane, I'd 17 almost 18, and is the number one spot on my wank bank, she's slim, got a nice arse and her tits are rather smallish, not tiny but enough for a good handful, we never got on, but I'll get

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