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#231275 - At the shoe store Hailey told the clerk that she needed a place to change her skirt to try on some shoes. Then my friend asked Hailey, “How do you chicks get those panties to show so damn well above your fucking tight pants?” Hailey retorted, “I’d be happy to tell you but you will have to agree to buy me a new outfit to wear as payment!” My friend said, “Fucking A! You’re on babe!” Hailey then said, “What about you dad? You’re not going to leave me alone with this looser are you?” I laughed and answered, “Okay I’ll tag along honey!” Hailey said, “If you tag along though it’ll cost you an outfit too!” I said, “Okay! But remember you tricked me into this!” Hailey smiled and then took my hand. The End Panties Showing 104.

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