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#246544 - Now though her entire world has been turned upside down!!! That bounty, basically whichever hunter catches her names their own reward, now makes her the hunted instead of the other way around! Insolence on top of insolence by the Academies leadership! Removing her desert robe, she fingers the trio of holes made by arrows that caught in the fabric. He links in his story the tale of Charity in the guise of the one called “Mystique” being a hidden assassin of the Chancellor – hence the strong guard of men and gargoyles about his being…”for my own safety in this time of trouble I am trying to rectify…” With swift movement of hands and words of magical power and authority he creates a floating illusion, some seventy feet to a side so many can see clearly, the scenes of the students gathering clues and hunting down the murderer – making them to be hero’s instead of a bunch of clueless sycophants following a hothead into a trap. Her nipples stand up, pressing against that simple silk

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